All Directors and Senior Management Executives:

I. Conflict of Interest:

A) Shall avoid all situations in which their personal interest could conflict with the interest of the company.
B) Shall disclose to the appropriate authority/body all cases of Conflict of Interest or potential Conflict of Interest between the person and the Company.
C) Shall neither directly or indirectly, give any official favors for personal purposes nor spend any money of the Company for personal purposes.

II. Corporate Business Opportunities:

One or more Directors shall not pre-empt or seize a Corporate Business Opportunity, or attempt to seize such opportunity for the benefit of any other company in which they are directors, accruing exclusively to the Company unless the Board of Directors determines that the company has no actual or expected interest in the said opportunity. This shall not be construed as debarring any independent directors from carrying activities similar to that of the Company.

III. Confidentiality/Publicity

A) Shall respect the confidentiality of data available to them from time to time. Such respect for confidentiality shall also continue after such person ceases to hold office as Director or serve the organization.
B) Shall not give any statement to the press or any other form of media without due authorization from the appropriate authority/body.

IV. Legal Compliance

A) Shall adhere to the Insider Trading Code.
B) Shall take every reasonable step to ensure adherence to the laws of the land.

V. Leading by example

A) Shall at all times make every reasonable effort to lead by example.
B) Shall practice a conduct of giving highest respect for humans and human values and must promote the same.
C) Shall conduct themselves in the private and personal life in the manner that shall not demean the image or damage the interests of the Company.

VI. Gender Friendly Environment

A) Shall practice a conduct that promotes equality of gender, class and caste and should promote the same values and also exercise their duties in a manner that encourages healthy personal and career growth of the employees of the Company.
B) Shall not conduct themselves in such manner as would be construed to be an incident of sexual harassment at the workplace.
C) Shall encourage women employees to report any harassment concerns and be responsive to any complaints of harassment or other unwelcome and offensive conduct.

VII. Social Responsibility:

Shall in their decisions respect the necessity of protecting the environment around it, of the Country and the global environment as whole and shall promote the same values.


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